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Talent Concept

Integrity and morality of talents with the integrity of business management, and the integrity of business management with the integrity of talents;

Breakthrough in the management of talents with the breakthrough of enterprise management, and promote the transcendence of enterprise management with the breakthrough of talent thinking;

Leading the technology of the leading forging talents of enterprise technology, and building the leading edge of enterprise technology with the leading talent technology;

Promote the efficiency of talents with the improvement of enterprise efficiency, and promote the efficiency of enterprises with the improvement of talent efficiency;

To share the knowledge of investment talents with the development of corporate profits, and to share the resources of enterprises with the sharing of talent knowledge;

Let the enterprise become a wonderful stage for talents to continuously realize themselves, continuously advance scientific and technological, and constantly create the greatest social value;

Let talents become the core resources for enterprises to achieve technological innovation, realize social responsibility, and realize the pursuit of national security.