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  • Structural assistant engineer

    Job description:

    Job responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the structural drawing work of the company's related products;
    2. Responsible for the technical guidance of the first-line operators in the production process of the company's related products, and timely handling the technical problems found in the production;
    3. Assist in the design and development of new products and product standardization;
    4. Assist in the design, development, related testing and preparation of various technical documents for new products;
    5. Assist other personnel in research and development projects;
    6. Other work arranged by the superior leader.
    Education level: college or above;
    Professional: Mechanical design and related majors;
    Training experience: accept UG, CAD design software and common office automation software;
    Relevant training experience: 2 years of relevant industry work experience;
    Knowledge: Understand the schematic diagram of electrical and automation control, and be proficient in the theory and practice of mechanical design;
    Skills and Skills: Strong hands-on ability and logical thinking, skilled use of various software drawings and design drawings, can independently complete the work related to structural design;
    Personal quality: Strong initiative, responsibility, strong communication skills, departmental coordination ability, matching performance with the company, good sense of teamwork, able to withstand the pressure of temporary workload;

  • Hydraulic engineer

    Job description:

    Job responsibilities:
    1. Participate in technical seminars to understand the application of the specification and valve remote control system in the ship;
    2. Responsible for the design of valve remote control system of electro-hydraulic business department, hydraulic schematic diagram and hydraulic component selection, generating BOM and design change order;
    3. Combine the company's mechanical, electrical, and software expertise to develop products that meet the major classification societies and pass military inspections;
    4. Provide technical support for the production, assembly and testing of hydraulic products in the workshop to ensure that the product does not leak out;
    5. Providing commissioning services when boarding if necessary;
    Job Requirements:
    1. 5-10 years of working experience in hydraulic system design in the shipbuilding industry;
    2. Proficiency in Auto-CAD, UG software for drawing design, will give priority to simulation calculation;

  • Electronic R&D Engineer

    Job description:

    Job responsibilities:
    1. Digital control and analog acquisition circuit board design for industrial control and related MCU software;
    2. Industrial communication communication circuit design (CAN, 485, Ethernet, etc.) and related software;
    3. Simulation of high-level algorithms (MATLAB, LABVIEW, etc.) and code implementation;
    4. Preparation of relevant research and development documents and preparation of design documents;
    5. Participate in product development throughout the entire process from solution design to production;
    6. Responsible for the design of the company's switch series electronic products, drawing PCB diagrams and schematic diagrams;
    7. Responsible for the selection of required electronic components;
    8. Analyze and resolve related issues in production;
    9. Continue to improve related designs;
    10. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and innovative spirit;
    1. Proficient in ALTIUM design software, proficient in analog and digital circuits, familiar with various electronic chips and components;
    2. Can quickly design custom circuit schematics, PCB diagrams, with a good drawing style;
    3. Proficient in embedded software development of single-chip microcomputer (ARM, DSP), familiar with various MCU peripheral interfaces, such as AD, CAN, UART, etc.;
    4. Has a good programming style, proficient in C language programming, with 20,000 lines of actual code is preferred;
    5. Familiar with various industrial control industry communication standards, such as: MODBUS RTU/TCP, CAN, etc.;
    6. It has the priority of development experience in industrial control industry and power electronics industry.
    7. Experience in R&D and design of molded case circuit breaker electronic device, (DC/AC) power accessories, etc. is preferred.


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