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      Stock Short Name:Hybio Pharmaceutical | Stock Exchange Code:300199

      Hybio’s Vision: Lead the development of bio-pharmaceutical; Become the strong in health industry.

      Hybio’s Mission: Health for you! ——Create Health, Cherish Life!

      Core Value: In the way of the world, benevolence is the medicine

      Social requirement: Benevolence is the premise for social responsibility.

      Customers’requirement: Benevolence is for people in health industry.

      Enterprise's requirement: Benevolence is the foundation for enterprise continuation;

      Employees’requirement: Benevolence is the criterion for fairness and justice.

      Hybio’s Spirit: Intelligent innovation; Sincere cooperation; Faithfulness and preciseness; Continuous improvement.

      Business philosophy: Cultivate morality to build the career; Correct morality to benefit mankind.

      Management philosophy: Centralized decision; Democratized process; Humanized treatment; Institutionalized work.

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