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      Stock Short Name:Hybio Pharmaceutical | Stock Exchange Code:300199

      Hybio was awarded the title of “The Most Advancing Enterprise, The National Famous Brand in Guangdong Province”

      On November 19, 2014, the 2nd National Famous Brand Awarding Ceremony of Guangdong Province was held in Shenzhen Poly Theater.


      The evaluation activity of “The National Famous Brand in Guangdong Province” is a public welfare evaluation activity that the industry associations of entire province participated in. It was approved by Guangdong Provincial Authorities, co-hosted by Guangdong Industrial co-Operative Association, Nanfang Media Group, Southern TV and Tencent, and co-organized by CCVI which is the entrusted third-party assessment and rating organization. The evaluation indexes include quality safety, market assessment, benefit evaluation and development prospect of the enterprises, which not only reflect the current strength in technology and market occupancy of the short-listed enterprises, but also cover the forward-looking indicators such as the position of the value chain and the profit growth rate. This activity is extremely authoritative, prospective and accurate, so to speak. Finally, Hybio stood out from more than 1000 enterprises and was awarded the title of “The Most Advancing Enterprise, The National Famous Brand in Guangdong Province”.



      This award is a vast affirmative for the value of Hybio, is also the great expectation for the development of Hybio in the future. Since its inception, Hybio has been adhering to the value idea of “In the way of the world, benevolence is the medicine”. Hybio’s spirit, which is pursuing excellent quality, persisting innovation and breaking through limitation continuously, has made its comprehensive strength be in the leading position in the industry, as well as made the market share of its products come out in front. As a high-quality company in the rapid growing period, Hybio has been making unremitting efforts to become a top-ranking international enterprise.


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